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XTension Version 9.4.18

Released: 5/13/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.18 (build 1001) 5/13/2019
zipfile md5 = 381b8f646ec726fb8c3e6f74e243f08b

NOTE as of version 9.4.13 the minimum system version has increased to 10.10
Before upgrading to OSX Mojave please read the Mojave Support Page.

If you have already upgraded to Mojave and have any scripts that reference applications other than XTension you must run them after the upgrade. The OS cancels your previous permissions to control other apps when the version info changes. If you don’t run those scripts and OK the dialog that will appear then ay scripts you have that try to do this will not run.

Change Log

  • New Phillips Hue plugin now supports easier conversion from the old plugin. Just disable your current Hue interface, open the edit window for the plugin and change the device type popup from “Phillips Hue” to “Phillips Hue New” and re-enable the interface. All your devices should convert over and keep working as before. Note that the color temperature settings are now in standard °K and not in the custom range that the Hue bulbs used. You may have to edit any scripts or saved presets to properly show a correct color temperature. It is no longer necessary to use hue/saturation or x/y values to send colors to these bulbs. All colors can now be sent as simple “rgb color” entries and the conversion of those should be much more accurate due to the new plugin supporting the various color gamuts of the bulbs more accurately. The new plugin still supports the other methods of setting color however so no changes should be needed unless you wish to.
  • New W800 plugin. The W800 plugin has been re-written to take advantage of the features of the new plugin API. It supports serial port connected devices, W800’s on a wiznet card as a Server but also as a client sending it’s data to XTension. See the new W800 page for more info on setting that up. Multiple W800’s on Wiznet cards can now target a single instance of the plugin making setting up multiple W800’s for reliability and extra range even easier. There have been some changes to how Security remotes are handled so if you use any of those devices please read the sections on the wiki page to check that out.
  • NOTE: for the next couple of releases I will include both the new and old versions of the Hue and W800 plugin but they will be going away before long so please test with those as soon as you’re able and let me know about any problems before I remove the older plugin support!
  • Updted the Security Spy plugin to be a 64 bit executable and fix for some problems it had running with larger databases.
  • Removed some extraneous debug logging in the Lifx plugin so it will no longer spam your log.
  • Fixed a problem with the Web Remote (not the mobile web remote that works fine) where the in/for values were not always included properly. Now if you include an in or for value with a command sent from the web remote the appropriate scheduled events are created properly.
  • Changed the handling of the in/for fields in the local app interface as well. They are no longer disabled until you select a time frame. This looked nice but just required extra clicks to do the same work. The in/for fields are now available for clicking and the time frame popups will default to minutes.
  • Changed the handling of the “radio button” option for units in a group that I added in the last release. It really wasn’t an option exclusive to the other behavior options and so shoud not have been added to that popup. I’ve moved it out to a separate checkbox in the edit group unit. If you’ve already setup some groups using that feature you’ll need to go and re-enable it with the new interface. But now you can have radio buttons and also auto-setting of the group value.
  • Fixed a bug in handling of color data when using in/for values. It works again to do an alert with a color capable bulb where you could issue a script like: dim “my lifx bulb” to 100 rgb color “FF0000” rate 0 for 5. Previously it would not properly return to the currently selected white color temperature but would return to the most recent color that the bulb had displayed. This now works under any circumstance. (and this is a great way to do a non-intrusive alert to something, i use this all the time in my office where I might not hear the doorbell for instance)

Previous Releases

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