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XTension Version 9.4.24

Released: 11/8/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.24 (build 1012) 11/8/2019
zipfile md5 = 76e7d1c75f90e61b1b68fc4e1ebeea14

Download for Catalina: (awaiting notarization, as soon as I get that sorted out I will post the disk image)
NOTE! not all plugins are included in the Catalina build. Please see the Catalina note below for more info.

Important Info

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10

Mac OSX Mojave has changed the requirements for scripting of other applications. You MUST force any script to run that contacts a different application when you upgrade and click “OK” when it asks for permission or your scripts will silently fail when they run later. See the Mojave Support Page for more info.

Mac OSX Catalina As of this moment I do not recommend that anyone update to OSX Catalina. I am supplying a Notarized dmg version of XTension that will run on Catalina. The regular zip file release and any previous release version will likely not run at all. Please see the Catalina Support Page for more info. Many plugins are Catalina capable at this time, probably some you want to use. Please do not update your XTension machine to Catalina at this time.

9.4.24 Change Log

  • NEW: added “reset low battery flag” contextual menu item to the unit lists. If you have a unit that has a stuck low battery flag for whatever reason you can now reset it manually. If the low battery flag is actually coming from the interface it will reset itself as soon as the next command from the device is received though.
  • NEW: added xtUnit class applescript parameters for the newer Group properties. You can now set the following parameters for Groups, they will have no effect if you try to use them for a non-group unit. They are read/write so you can query them or set them from another script.
    • xtGroupBehavior
    • xtTreatAsRadioButtons
    • xtScriptsRunWhenAutochanged
    • xtShowDimmableControls
    • xtShowColorControls
    • xtShowColorTempControls
  • FIX: the xtUnit class property xtFlags now includes the correct battery level, if any, reported by the device.
  • FIX: the xtUnit class property xtFlags no longer includes the no longer used “rfOK” flag.
  • Totally rebuilt the internal handling of unit properties. They are now more abstracted so that they will be easier to use from other scripting languages once those are available. You can still store AppleScript specific parameters like lists and records but they may not be available to other scripting systems in the future. There should be no changes for how you’re using them at all. For the moment I am maintaining the data in the original format in the database so that if you need to revert to an earlier version of XTension you can do so without losing any data. After some number of releases without any bug reports on the new system I’ll remove those files.
  • Change: Global Scripts now update their Last Activity date even if the script fails due to an error. Previously they would fail to update this if the script did not complete successfully.
  • Change: Unit Properties are now sent through the Database Sharing plugins. The unit properties are synced in both directions. If you make a change on either side of the shared database connection the change will be sent to the other side. If you make a change on the receiver side while the connection is down or the interface is disabled then the receiver side will be overwritten by the data from the sender side when the interface reconnects. At this time the syncing of the unit properties is limited to Strings, Numbers and Dates. Applescript specific types like Lists and Records are not synced. This is possible to do so please let me know if you need this.
  • The new RFX plugin for the older RFX and RFXe devices is no longer considered beta. I and several beta testers have been using it successfully now for months. Note that the newer devices are NOT yet supported by this plugin. Please make sure you’re connecting to one of the older protocol devices and that you select the Legacy protocol in the plugin setup dialog in XTension. The beta level support for that device will appear in the next XTension release.
  • FIX: The previous rare but real occurance of the Vera, and potentially some other plugins become unresponsive is fixed. I was finally gifted a duplication of this problem by my own server after having been unable to duplicate it or figure out what was happening at all. It turns out to be a lower level system problem that hung up all networking for a short time. Not all plugins were affected, some seemed to recover just fine, others became suck in a hang down in the system. Since there was no error that could be trapped the only way to fix the problem was to implement a ping and restart system in XTension for the affected plugins. If a plugin of any type goes unresponsive for more than around 2 minutes XTension will quit it and start a new instance which does fix the problem. If the system does ever return a proper error from the networking level that will also result in the interface restarting to get itself running again.
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