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XTension Version 9.4.23

Released: 9/3/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.23 (build 1010) 9/3/2019
zipfile md5 = 7dec642f97cf2b479934e6a42b1c1ffe

Download for Catalina: XTension 9.4.23 Notarized (build 1010) 9/3/2019
NOTE! not all plugins are included in the Catalina build. Please see the Catalina note below for more info.

Important Info

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10

Mac OSX Mojave has changed the requirements for scripting of other applications. You MUST force any script to run that contacts a different application when you upgrade and click “OK” when it asks for permission or your scripts will silently fail when they run later. See the Mojave Support Page for more info.

Mac OSX Catalina As of this moment I do not recommend that anyone update to OSX Catalina since it is still in beta. I am supplying a Notarized dmg version of XTension that will run on Catalina. The regular zip file release and any previous release version will likely not run at all. Please see the Catalina Support Page for more info. Not all plugins are Catalina capable at this time.

9.4.23 Change Log

  • NEW: added the “force http1” parameter to the Load Url command. The default is HTTP 1.1 which does a lot of more complex communication liked chunked transfer and specific encodings that simpler IOT or older devices may not be able to handle properly. If you have problems talking to such a device you can now force the Load URL command to use http 1.0 and not do any of those things.
  • Added a “hidden” debugging command to the plugin interface. The 'tell xUnit “name” to logDebugData()’ has been implemented forever for units. It is now implemented for plugin interfaces as well so you can do a ’tell xInterface “name” to logDebugData()’ to get log output of all its current low level configuration data. Neither of these is any use to anyone in the normal course of events but I may ask you to run those commands to gather more info for me in the event of a problem.
  • Change to the Vera plugin to check for very small responses from the Vera. There seems to be a state the Vera can get into where it returns something that might be valid, but contains no data. This may catch that situation and get the communications going again. Or the problem may have nothing to do with this. It’s so far been impossible for me to reproduce so I haven’t been able to gather any more info on this yet.
  • FIX: The new Arduino plugin was incomplete in the last release and accepted only incoming unit updates but could not send changes from XTension to the remote device. This is fixed and the plugin will provide two way updates just like the original version did.
  • FIX: The new Arduino plugin would choke on receiving a float rather than an integer from the remote device. This is fixed and floats now behave the same way that the old plugin did.
  • FIX: A fix for the plugin API itself. Manually entered unit addresses that contained non-numeric characters might not have matched commands destined for them as the addresses were not being reliably forced to all uppercase before indexing. This now works normally.
  • FIX: Fixed a regression during this alpha/beta cycle that could have caused an error to be logged when creating a new Global script. Global Scripts now can be created normally.
  • FIX: The new alpha RFX plugin now scans all the units assigned to it at startup and fixes any addressing problems. This will fix the problem some people (and also myself) were seeing with some converted units not receiving the commands that were actually destined for them. This plugin is working well for me here and some beta testers but if you are on the fence about wanting to make the switch right now there is no need to do so unless you plan on updating to Catalina in the short term. The original RFX plugin will not be updated for Catalina.
  • FIX: Fixed a regression in the last version that would have kept you from adding new Scheduled Events on a new empty database. You can now create events normally.
  • FIX: In the last few versions the database backup window that comes up at startup when you update to a new version would open behind the load progress window. Now the load progress window is hidden during the database backup so that you can read the backup messages and see that progress separately.
  • FIX: In the Mobile Web Remote plugin when adding a new Global Script button the global scripts in the popup menu are now always presented in correct alphabetical order making it a lot easier to find things for setting up the interface.
  • FIX: In the Mobile Web Remote plugin when selecting a Unit for any interface element the popup list of units is now properly in alphabetical order. This wasn’t broken quite as badly as the selection of Global Scripts. The units were listed in order but with units that started in lower case sorted together but shown after those that started with an upper case letter.
  • FIX: If you still have an older Vera plugin and are seeing the “Please update to the new plugin” message in the interface window that message will now properly clear itself when you actually do update to the new plugin. Previously it could stick even after you did the update.
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