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XTension version 9.4.47 alpha 1

v9.4.47 Alpha 1.

The only differences between this and the last release is that nearly all the plugins have their python2.7 dependencies removed. This should mean they should all run on MacOS 12.3 and newer.

You do not need to be running 12.3 in order to test this, indeed it will be easier if you are not. I fully expect there to be problems as updating old code for python3 has many potential issues.

To do the testing that is most helpful download and run this alpha against your current database. No changes are made to the database. Let it run for some short or long time until you notice an issue or check the log and find error messages. Copy and paste those log entires into an email for me personally, not on the list so as not to clog it up with so many reports that won’t help others. If it gives you issues that need reporting then once you’ve sent me the log output you can quit and delete the alpha and go back to running the last release.

Many of the newer plugins have been running on python3 since day one, but some of the older ones have not. Here is a list of the plugins that I have just finished porting for this alpha release:

  • The original Alexa plugin. (note that the zlexa pseudo plugin still requires it’s odd and overly complex installation instructions, it has not been changed)
  • apcstatus
  • arduino
  • barix
  • control by web
  • DIY
  • Haiku Fans
  • Phillips Hue
  • iTach
  • Max Sonar
  • RadioRA 2
  • Both RFX new plugins

All other plugins were either native on python 3 or were ported in previous updates and shoudl be OK.

The Websocket plugin is not yet ported as that relies on libraries that have never been updated for python3. So if you are using that plugin you’ll definitely not want to update to 12.3 until I’ve got a replacement for it.

The Database Sharing “sender” has also not been ported to Python3 yet. If you are using this please do not update to 12.3 until I can update that.

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