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XTension Version 9.4.41

Released: 5/30/2021

Download for all Supported OS versions; XTension. v 9.4.41 (build 1044)

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10 but not all plugins may function properly prior to 10.13. Please start the necessary work to upgrade to at least 10.13 for future builds will no longer be able to support 10.10.

Maximum supported version is Big Sur but some problems and cosmetic issues remain when running on Apple Silicon.
This version is built with the latest compilers and libraries available and should be able to run on Big Sur with minimal issues, though some remain. and you should report them to be if you are crazy enough to be running that on your server…

9.4.41 Change Log:

  • NEW: rtlamr plugin for receiving updates from some smart meters. This is currently vera beta and not all protocols are supported. Help me collect some data so that everything possible can work properly.
  • NEW: A new command “sendDeviceCommand” implemented for the hubitat. Any command that can be sent to a unit that is not directly supported yet in the standard scripting dictionary can be sent via this mechanism. This enables setting the status LED’s of the WD200 dimmers as in the new hubitat example on the WD200 device page.
  • NEW: Hubitat now properly handles Central Scene devices. I’ve removed entirely the ill thought out attempt in the last beta to create “pushed” units and instead have returned to the more normal handling of them as a single device that is sent a central scene event. This should make them work just like the Vera used to and the same as central scene events in dimmers and switches. NOTE that if you ran one of the betas and have the pushed units created they will not be deleted. You should do that manually and then use the new central scene device unit that will be automatically created. To properly support this I added a new unit type the “Central Scene Device” type which is what will be created for these units.
  • Added direct support for the Honeywell WST232 device to the rtl_433 plugin. I also did a lot of refactoring of the code that does the “special” handling for devices that send non-standard keys of data to make it easier to implement the rest of them in the future as people have need.
  • FIX: Though it did not cause any issues I could see the new embedded python version now links to the correct libraries and not the ones that were included for the older python 2.7 plugins.
  • FIX: The “insert” toolbar menu on the edit script window now again properly lists any custom handler templates that the plugin defines for that unit type. For example the hubitat devices now properly show a central scene handler template in that list again making it easier to implement such things without having to switch back and forth to the wiki to find the proper format.
  • FIX: Related to the above, previously if you tried to edit a script for a unit assigned to an interface that had not been enabled since you last restarted XTension you would get a long error trace in the log rather than an insert popup menu.
  • FIX: the rtl_433 plugin was not registering it’s “register” unit type and thus after editing any register units that were automatically created it would lose it’s proper path in the index and future commands would stop coming in. This now works as expected.
  • The download and app are significantly smaller again as I have removed duplicate versions of some of the large encryption libraries used by the home kit plugin and it now shares them with any other plugin that needed them.
  • Another good chunk of work was done in the background for supporting python and others as the internal scripting language. You won’t see anything about this in the release fork of the app yet, but someday it will be done and that will be a good day…
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