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XTension Version 9.4.1

Released: 4/19/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.1 (build 979) 4/19/2018
zipfile md5 = 6b69048682f4833cbc8265f282cac5c8

The 9.4 release had several new features and user interface changes for the better. Please see the version 9.4 release notes for more info.

Change Log

  • Fixed a problem where the database might not automatically back itself up during the upgrade to 9.4.
  • Fixed a problem where the database might not load if you were running from the Applications folder. The new location for the Database is inside your Documents folder if you’re running from the Applications folder. If you’re running from anywhere else the Database and other support data will be created along side the application in whatever folder it’s in.
  • Fixed a problem with the new List Window toggle control where it might not catch a paddle click on some OS versions and on non-retina screens.
  • Removed the ability to get the detailed unit controls by clicking in the background of the toggle control. Clicking anywhere on the toggle switch now toggles the state of the unit. Use a click on the Jewel in the Name column or a click in the Value column to bring up the Detailed Unit Controls.
  • Added new preferences so that you can control the action of hitting enter or double clicking in a unit list. You can now select the default behavior for both actions separately. The options are to Toggle, Open the Edit Unit Dialog for the unit or open the Detailed Unit Controls.
  • Suppressed some “informational” logging coming from the system that looked like an error when starting up the UPS interface.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when quickly resizing the new List window and leave it in a state where nothing was actually displaying until you closed it and reopened it.
  • Fixed a problem with UPB units that would not run their ON or OFF scripts when a local update from the switch was received unless the new value was different than the old value. This kept you from doing things like trapping double clicks. Now if you tap the off paddle of a UPB switch when the load is already off the Off script in the unit will still run. You can compare the current status of the unit and decide to take other actions in that case.
  • Fixed a problem with the Vera UI7 driver where the wrong command was being sent for the Energy Savings Mode setting of a thermostat.
  • In the UI7 interface to the Vera the entire request made for any update is logged when in debug mode. If you find that the Energy Savings Mode still doesn’t work for your thermostat please turn on debug mode, make a change to it, and compare it with the commands you know do work.
  • New: The Stop Idler verb can now be called without a script name. If so then it will stop the idlers in the currently running script.
  • Fix: Previously XTdb Meta Units for things like runtime or duty cycle would show a yellow status indicator in the new List windows interface column even when the connection was working fine. The column now shows a proper green indicator.
  • New: Any relevant crash reports and any program errors that have occurred since the last time a developer info update was made will be included with the next one. No new personal data or anything like that is collected, just the same crash reports that would get sent to apple and any stack traces that are dumped to your log. This will help us a lot to fix problems before you might even realize something was going wrong. This data is not sent if you have the send developer info turned off in the preferences.
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