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XTension Version 9.4.16

Released: 2/23/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.16 (build 999) 2/23/2019
zipfile md5 = a46c6164da182d7b45bfa60c4ad85d7b

NOTE as of version 9.4.13 the minimum system version has increased to 10.10
Before upgrading to OSX Mojave please read the Mojave Support Page.

If you have already upgraded to Mojave and have any scripts that reference applications other than XTension you must run them after the upgrade. The OS cancels your previous permissions to control other apps when the version info changes. If you don’t run those scripts and OK the dialog that will appear then ay scripts you have that try to do this will not run.

Change Log

This version is all about new plugins!

  • Home Kit plugin! Tell Siri to turn on and off your lights! The Home Kit plugin is in beta and not all accessory types are complete. It also requires an installation of Python3 in order to run luckily thats simple to do. All instructions are on the Home Kit Plugin wiki page
  • Lutron Caseta and Radio RA plugin. Connect to Lutron’s “pro” hubs. This plugin is also in beta and is not a complete implementation but still very useful and offers full control of lighting loads and using Lutrons excellent “pico” and other remote controls to get events into XTension. The non-pro hubs do not allow automation connections so you must have a Pro hub to use this. For more info see the Lutron Plugin page
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Plugin. Control or monitor all the GPIO pins on any raspberry pi via the Pi GPIO server built into any current Raspberry Pi software distribution. Only very simple configuration necessary on the pi. See the Raspberry Pi GPIO wiki page for more info. Also supports the ramp rate parameter to all the XTension verbs if you’ve set an output as PWM or a servo motor output allow gentle transitions rather than just jumping from one level to another.
  • New MaxSonar plugin. The original max sonar plugin from around 2008 or so was getting a bit old and rather than just recompile it for 64 bit as I am doing for some other plugins I decided it needed a rewrite to use the new plugin API. This let me add many useful functions such as glitch filtering and schmitt trigger settings to make it even easier to use these terrific sensors. See the Max Sonar wiki page for more info on the changes.
  • Fix: previous versions added a problem where units shared to a plugin might not have sent new values properly, this is now fixed for all sharing plugins which are right now the database sharing plugins, the websocket plugin and the new home kit plugin.
  • Fix: previously the time display as you were scrolling the log could get stuck if you were quickly clicking in the windows scrollbar to move it up in time. The display now properly disappears a second or so after your last click.
  • Log caching is now turned off during the database save methods so that if you ever have a problem during that the last log lines will definitely get written to the log.
  • Fix: The WebSocket plugin will not send empty update packets if something changed that doesn’t result in any actual shared data being updated.
  • Plugins: Many changes under the hood to better support shared unit plugins.
  • Plugins: The ability to create an interface to configure individual sharing settings for units being shared to a plugin. You’ll see this in the Home Kit plugin where you have to specify more info about what you want home kit to think your device is before it will be shared.

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