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X2Web: Internet Control And Monitoring for XTension

NOTE: X2Web is deprecated in favor of the new Web Remote control system. It remains available as a legacy system for those who wish to support really old browsers or devices that do not support dynamic web content.

X2Web is the back end application that provides you with the ability to write web apps in Apple Script. It has specific features that make it easier to work with XTension directly, but can be used to provide a web interface to any scriptable application. X2Web comes with some templates, called InstantX, for use with varying browsers and layouts. Using these templates requires no html experience nor any messing about with applescript, but if you wish to dive in you can fully customize them in any way you like. They are fully configurable as far as layout and content. At this moment the home pages and documentation for these parts are kind of scattered but I am slowly moving here to the wiki. Here are some links to the current docs and download pages:

Beta Versions

Links to and information of current public beta versions of X2Web or InstantX pages beyond what may be listed above.

Beta Versions

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