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XTension Version 9.4.46

There is an important alpha version of the next build available for testing!

9.4.46 is a hotpatch to the 9.4.45 release. It fixes a problem with the Arduino interface receiving non-utf8 convertible data and fixes a problem with the new Kasa/TP-Link plugin not being able to create some kinds of new units that it discovers. No other changes or additions made from the previous release.

Released 3/19/2022

Download for all Supported OS versions; XTension. v 9.4.46 (build 1052)

Released: 3/17/2022

Download for all Supported OS versions; XTension. v 9.4.45 (build 1051)

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10 but not all plugins may function properly prior to 10.13. Please start the necessary work to upgrade to at least 10.13 for future builds will no longer be able to support 10.10.

Apart from a few older plugins the entirety of the application and it’s plugins now run natively on both Intel and M1 macs.

9.4.45 Change Log:

  • NEW: The application and the embedded python versions are now fully “universal” running natively on both M1 and Intel Macs. Some of the older plugins still include Intel executables or libraries that they need. As of this moment Apple has not threatened to stop supporting those so there should be no impact from that and it only applies to a few of the more legacy plugins.
  • NEW: The embedded python version is updated to 3.10.
  • NEW: Added a “Clear All Script Errors” to the contextual and toolbar menus of the Global Scripts window.
  • NEW: Added a very alpha version of a new Sonos Plugin Not feature complete and the entire interface to the devices may change drastically as we experiment and learn how this will finally be most useful but please experiment with this and let me know how it works or doesn’t for you. Note that I do not have one of these devices and am relying on other folks to give it a try so to say it is not fully tested at this point is somewhat of an understatement.
  • NEW: The Manage Global Scripts window will now display the number of scripts with errors in the title of the window. Folders that have scripts that have errors in them will also display the number of scripts with errors in their listbox line along with the number of scripts that are in the folders.
  • NEW: Added a “do not log” option to global scripts just like Units can have set. This way the scripts will not log that they are being run reducing log spam for scripts that are run a lot. Any log lines that you generate or errors that happen while the script is running will still log as normal. This is available in the contextual menu and the toolbar menu in the Manage Global Scripts window.
  • UPDATE: The Apple Home Kit plugin has been updated to a version of the HAP libraries that support more recent Python versions. As of this build this doesn’t add any new functionality as I am just looking to verify that the old functionality still works. Once that is settled there is a lot more I can do with this version in future builds.
  • UPDATE: The Kasa/TP-Link plugin has been updated to the most recent library versions enabling control of more recent device types. The conversion to Python3.10 required an almost total rewrite of my portions of the code and it is now significantly faster and more reliable than it was previously.
  • FIX: The Kasa/TP-Link plugin will no longer log extended error messages if no kasa devices are found on the network.
  • UPDATE: The Server Events plugin now runs with the embedded python3.10 version rather than the ancient system version.
  • UPDATE: The Weatherflow plugin is promoted from beta to a 1.0 version. It also now runs under the embedded Python3.10 version rather than the system python version that us much older.
  • DOCUMENTATION: Wrote a preliminary Weatherflow Wiki Entry.
  • CHANGE: In the Edit Unit Dialog the XTdb history display will format numbers with more decimal points by default for better display of very small values.
  • FIX: LoadURL commands that result in an error but do not have a callback specified will set the thisScript value more reliably when logging the error so that filtering the log for the messages is easier.
  • FIX: Hue bulbs added to the Hubitat now properly set their device type as supporting color and color temperature.
  • NEW: Genmon plugin adds the “slow polling” checkbox so that if you are connecting over a slow interface it will function more reliably.
  • FIX: If the Genmon plugin encounters an error while parsing the return from the remote device the proper error handlers in XTension are run as expected.
  • NEW: Genmon if new log lines are added to the generator logs of either events or errors and alerts they will get written to the XTension log.
  • FIX: Genmon plugin will update the label for the status object even if the actual state of the status object has not changed.
  • NEW: Genmon plugin now creates several more units that previously so that you can more easily catch an exercise event as opposed to actually running and providing power without having to watch the label of the main Status unit which is mostly for Display now as there are other ways to catch the actual information. These new units are as below:
    • Error: Engine Speed High or Low
    • Error: Governor failure
    • Error: Low Oil
    • Error: Overcrank
    • Error: Overheat
    • Error: Overload
    • Error: RPM Sensor
    • Error: Voltage High or Low
    • Error: Warning (generator is sending a warning that is not yet an error or alarm condition)
    • Generator Is In Alarm
    • Generator Is Running
    • Generator Is Ready
    • Generator Is Exercising
    • Generator Is Ready
    • Generator Service Is Due
  • NOTE: The MQTT Broker plugin no longer functions with this version due to problems with the underlying libraries and python3. I am working on an MQTT broker plugin that can connect to the free mosquito server that should serve most of the functions of the original plugin and then some. This will appear in a future version.
  • Phillips “Wiz” lights plugin updated to run on the new embedded python version rather than the older system python version.
  • APC UPS monitor plugin updated to run on the new embedded python version rather than the older system version.
  • FIX: There was a potential timing issue that could cause queue management errors on more modern M1 machines that are so very much faster than older systems. I’ve never noticed this as it has literally never happened until I started upgrading things to the faster machines. This problem is fixed making packet reception from plugins as reliable as I thought it was previously.
  • FIX: Several potential errors and rendering problems on M1 Macs are fixed in this version.
  • Beta Fix: In the beta version there were problems with Serial Port connections for plugins which is fixed for this release.

NOTE: If you startup a plugin that has not been converted to the newer embedded python version the OS may display a warning dialog that the application will not run on future versions of the OS. Since not all plugins are converted and tested yet you may see this. Make sure to stick around long enough when starting up the new version to OK this dialog. It will not appear again until you next update the Application, and if I get whatever the offending plugin converted before then it won’t show up again at all.

NOTE: This disk image no longer includes the older legacy plugins that will not be updated for newer OS versions. If you still need to run the CM19, CM15, ZTroller or the various Smarthome X10 interfaces please download the legacy plugins package from here and install the ones you need via the “Install Plugin” menu item of the “Database” menu.

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