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XTension Version 9.3.2

Released: 7/9/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.2 (build 966) 7/9/2017

Change Log

  • Fix: Several script handling problems that were not addressed in the 9.3 and 9.3.1 release are now properly handled. There remain some potential problems on OSX Yosemite (10.10.x) but even those people have stopped having problems. I no longer recommend running XTension on 10.10.x at all and a warning log line will be printed on startup if you happen to be using Yosemite. That is the most anti-applescript OS release in the history of OSX releases.
  • Plugins: plugin interfaces containing checkboxes and action parameters now properly call their action events.
  • Plugins: dynamic plugin controls with the “requiresInterface” tag will now enable and disable themselves wherever they are as the interface is enabled or disabled.
  • Plugins: Fixed a bug where dynamic action events were not called from the Edit Unit Dialog.
  • Change: updated the Edit Group script management buttons to look more like the window for the regular unit.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem where if you deleted a new script on the Edit Unit dialog the entire control would be disabled not allowing you to create another script until you closed and re-opened the window.
  • Fix: Fixed all queue exception errors. No queue exception errors should be logged now unless something is truly wrong.
  • Fix: Battery level is once again displayed correctly when mousing over the battery level display in the flags column of a list window.
  • New: Added a “show pin” checkbox in the Mobile Web Remote setup window so you can see the pin number you’ve setup if you so choose.
  • New: Completely rebuilt Detailed Unit Controls system on the Web Remote. This is the display that comes up when you click “more” in a unit list in the web remote, or when you click on a unit toggle or buttons control in any other window.
  • New: Completely rebuilt the color capable unit control on the new Detailed Unit Control window. A simpler pallet of colors is now available that is easier to use from a mobile or web based device.
  • New: Completely new color pallet display in the applications quick control popup as well.
  • Plugins: Dynamic plugin controls now show on the Web Remote detailed unit controls dialog that appears when you click “more” in a unit list.
  • Plugins: implemented the segmented control for the Web Remote dynamic interfaces.
  • Web Remote: blocked units now show with a hash in their background rather than appending “(blocked)” to the name which often caused them to overflow the space available for a unit name and look terrible.
  • All: When opening a quick control, or detailed unit control window for a unit that is blocked the entire window shows a subtle hash mark to illustrate that the unit is blocked. This is the same in the app and in the web remote.
  • New: “Color From F Temp” verb. send in an °F measurement and a reasonable color approximation will be returned. This is the same value that is used if you select the temperature for color on any display.
  • New: “Color From C Temp” verb. Same as the color from F temp verb but uses Celsius.
  • New: Adjust color verb lets you adjust the brightness of an HTML color string without changing the shade or saturation.
  • New: “Color From K Temp” verb. this accepts a color temperature and returns an HTML color string that is a good approximation of the coolness or warmness of the white that would be generated from that temperature.
  • New: Added a new background color selection in the Views and Web Remote unit icon displays to display the custom background color of the unit.
  • New: Views now draw a nice shadow under each control box just like the web remote does lending a much nicer look when using a view from within the program itself.
  • New: Added a “hide background” option to the grouping rectangle in Views bringing it to parity with the web remote control which has always had that option.
  • Plugin Fix: some commands to plugin interfaces were not generating Acks and therefore generating scary looking numbers of unacked commands in the interface window.
  • Fix: Every unit popup everywhere in the app should now always display units in alphabetical order even if you just added new units.
  • Plugin: Custom plugin controls on an edit unit window will now send the unit address that you’ve entered into the window and not the one stored in the unit you’re editing but haven’t saved yet. This way if you’ve made a change and then use a custom plugin interface element it will go to the correct address.
  • Plugin: Fix: no longer logs an error when activating a window with dynamic plugin controls on it
  • New: The Edit Unit Dialogs “assign multi” button now displays the number of extra interfaces assigned to a unit to make it more obvious that any are defined.
  • Fix: You can now control click on the last unit in a list window where previously that click was ignored.
  • Plugin: Fixed an error that was logged if you brought up the contextual menu for a plugin unit where a separate name was not supplied for a custom plugin menu handler.
  • Plugin: Fixed a problem that could cause the “are you sure” dialog to appear when saving a new plugin unit as if you were clicking cancel instead of save.
  • Fix: Unit List windows no longer throw errors if you close them while a search is active.
  • Fix: Unit List Windows update their scrollbars when searching so they will no longer leave you looking at what appears to be an empty screen after starting a search.
  • Most recent AD2USB interface properly included in the package.
  • Fix: Editing the ON script for a new group now results in the correct group related handlers being available from the “insert” toolbar item. Previously it treated this as if it were a non-group ON script.
  • New: Interface status is now displayed in the Interface column of every unit list window. If the interface is disabled the background will be greyed out. If the interface is having trouble or in an error condition the backgrounds will be colored the same as the interface window is. Just a better indication of whether you should expect your units to actually respond or not without having to look at the interface window.
  • New: Added “xtBatteryLevel” to the xUnit properties so that it can be set from scripts.
  • New: Battery level is now also displayed on the Web Remote.

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