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XTension Version 9.4.17

Released: 4/21/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.17 (build 1000) 4/21/2019
zipfile md5 = 9d255e68308cd373f8f16dc04c5b7c83

NOTE as of version 9.4.13 the minimum system version has increased to 10.10
Before upgrading to OSX Mojave please read the Mojave Support Page.

If you have already upgraded to Mojave and have any scripts that reference applications other than XTension you must run them after the upgrade. The OS cancels your previous permissions to control other apps when the version info changes. If you don’t run those scripts and OK the dialog that will appear then ay scripts you have that try to do this will not run.

Change Log

  • New Phillips Hue plugin. Now using the newer plugin API and the newer color API so you can set color temperatures in °K instead of the low level arbitrary internal value that the Hue bulbs use. Individual gamut corrections are applied for each lamp based on it’s type so color representations are much closer to what you see when selecting it. Improved support for remotes and sensors as well. Note that there is no support yet for converting from the earlier hue plugin version. This will happen in the next version, but for now this is for new installs or people with not so many units that they wish to do it manually. The original Hue plugin is still included in the package so unless you specifically switch nothing will be different for you. Eventually I’ll remove the older Hue plugin, but not yet. The wiki page has been updated for the newer Hue plugin here.
  • xBee plugin is updated to a 64 bit executable.
  • Json server plugin is updated to a 64 bit executable.
  • Changes to the new plugin API’s color system allows you to use any of the color representations, RGB Hue/Sat or X,Y for any color capable device.
  • Fixed the problem when dragging of multiple units out of a list window.
  • Fixed an issue with idle timer driven events in unit scripts where the timer and script may have been left behind and continue to run after deleting the unit.
  • Fixed an issue with the detailed controls of a color capable unit. Previously if the unit was in color temperature mode it still showed the last color that it had displayed in the current state display. It now shows the correct mode and color or color temperature when opening the window.
  • New group behavior of “radio button” that will allow only 1 of the units in the group to be on at a time. When a new group member turns on, if any previous group member was on it will be turned off.
  • Added a “reload” button to the disconnected message of the mobile web remote. This lets you reload faster if you get timed out and also allows you to reload if you are running the latest iOS release that caches pages for web sites added to the home page. Previously you could get stuck at that display and not have any good way to force it to reload. On older iOS versions the page is reloaded everytime you tapped the button so it never had that problem. Now the page can be left running in the background.
  • Fixed one hour motion reports in XTension views when displayed on the mobile web remote. Previously only the first bar of the report was shown.
  • Fixed the errors that made it impossible to use some of the more esoteric HomeKit device types. I have not yet implemented the remaining unimplemented types that will be showing up soon in a future release.

Previous Releases

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