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XTension 9.4.34 beta 1


While this beta is about Catalina compatibility it is important that those running pre-Catalina OSX versions test it too. This version contains 64 bit versions of most of the remaining original plugins. They should run everywhere from 10.10 to Catalina and beyond finally bringing us to full compatibility with the latest OS and upcoming OS’s from Apple.

Since they are replacing the original builds you’ll be running these versions no matter what OS version you are using on your server and so it is important to bring up any potential problems to me before I do a release and replace them all.

Beta 1 contains new Catalina compatible versions of the CM11 plugin, the Lynx plugin, the W800 plugin and the MR26 plugin. No conversion of units or editing of interfaces is needed to be running these. Just loading up the beta version will do so. Keep any eye on anything using any of those plugins and please report any issues. Feel free to also report that everything is running great as it’s always nice to hear that too.

I will also be converting the original RFX plugin suite but those are not included in this build and so are not yet available on the Catalina version below.

No changes are made to the database or any unit configuration so if you do have problems immediately you can return to running the release version without even having to restore the database backup that is made when this is run the first time.

The only other change in this version since the last release is a fix to the amount of time the Idle script is allowed to run before XTension will log an error telling you your script is running too long. For some reason I had the Idle script set to 1 second where every other script was allowed 10 seconds. So if you’ve been getting error messages about your Idle script taking too long this may clear those up as well.

Download For Pre-Catalina OS versions: XTension 9.4.34 b1
Notarized download for Catalina: XTension 9.4.34 b1 for Catalina

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