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XTension Version 9.3.7

Released: 11/2/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.7 (build 972) 11/2/2017

Change Log

  • Fixed a problem with the web interface where you might not be able to log in at all if you entered an incorrect password.
  • Added new filtering options to the Log windows. You can now filter on “XTdb” to see messages from that application and Video to see messages from video pitcher.
  • Added “Range” values to all units in the Advanced page. You can now specify a maximum range for any unit. This will stop you setting an out of range value in the UI or in a script but of course can’t stop something else from setting the unit to an invalid value.
  • Added “with no transmit” option to the Set Value verb.
  • Fixed a problem where changing a units name might not actually save the new value. This caused a problem with Newly created Vera units not saving their name as well.
  • Fixed a problem with the Thermostat control. When embedded onto a Web Interface as part of an XTension view the furnace mode and fan mode controls did nothing when clicked. They now work properly no matter how they are embedded on a page.
  • Fixed a problem with the loading of one hour motion reports in the Web Interface. If you had many of them on a page they might not load with their most recent data leaving them all grey until an event happened or a minute had passed. They now load properly no matter how many are on the page.
  • Fixed a regression on the Web Interface where a “unit Description as HTML” control might not have updated itself when the description changed under some circumstances. Again now if the description changes the new values are sent to any open pages.

Previous Releases

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