Supported Devices

This is a list of the currently supported interfaces. For a discussion of some of the modules and devices supported by these interfaces see the Supported Modules section.

Z-Wave Interfaces

  • Vera from Vera Control Ltd, previously Micasa Vera. This is our choice for best ZWave interface.
    • Legacy interfaces:
      • Vizia Leviton Vizia Z-Wave interface
      • ZTroller HomeSeer Z-Troller Z-Wave interface
      • ZStick Aeon Labs Z-Stick Z-Wave Interface

X10 Powerline Protocol Devices

  • XTB-232 (replacement for the CM11a and our pick for best X10 interface currently available)
  • CM15 (X10 and X10 wireless receive and transmit)

UPB Universal Powerline Protocol Interfaces

  • UPB Interfaces UPB is a popular alternative to X10 and Insteon as a high powered powerline protocol.

X10 Wireless Receivers/Transmitters

  • W800 (X10 wireless and X10 Security)
  • MR26 (X10 Wireless)
  • CM19 (X10 Wireless receive and transmit)
  • CM15 (X10 Wireless and Security. Receive and Transmit)
  • RFX, RFXe and RFXt (X10 Wireless and Security, Oregon Scientific devices)


  • Vera by adding an Insteaon PLM to the Vera interface all Insteon devices are now supported.


  • mySensors XTension is now a fully featured controller for the mySensors arduino based sensor system.

Alarm Systems

  • Ad2usb the AD2USB interface for Ademco/Honeywell Security systems

xBee Radio Connected Devices

  • xBee Radios xBee radios for remote monitoring, control and serial data!


  • Phillips Hue Phillips Hue Bridge
  • Vera The Vera Plus also supports ZigBee devices

Analog/Digital I/O and data capture

RFID Receivers

  • Parallax Short range passive RFID Receiver.
    • Legacy Devices:


Dallas 1-Wire

  • 1-wire temperature sensors are supported through the Barix device interface.
  • Additional 1-wire devices can be connected through an Arduino Interface interface if you dont mind a little code.

Do It Yourself Interface

  • Do It Yourself Simple method of rolling your own interface to non-supported devices.
  • Arduino a simple text protocol for connecting to arduino or other similar DIY style devices with a simple protocol and example code.


  • the JSON Interface interface handles either simple web requests to send data to a unit or the parsing of complicated JSON data structures to take whatever action is necessary. Just about anything that makes a web request via a simple form or via a JSON packet can be used to control units via this interface.

Wireless Tags


  • Any geofence app that has the ability to make an HTTP request when entering or exiting can be used with the JSON interface
  • Our favorite Geofence app Locative can be setup with this tutorial
  • another method of setting up geofences with drop box and IFTT can be seen here
  • Geohopper is supported as of build 897 with enhancements to the JSON interface

Traffic or Parking Space Management

  • Rosim Wireless car sensor for traffic sensing or parking space monitoring.

Ping/Network Presence

  • Network Presence interface watches devices coming and going on your local network via the arp table and can also ping remote hosts on the internet.
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