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XTension Version 9.2.1

Released: 4/13/2017

Download: XTension v9.2.1 (build 960) 4/13/2017

Change Log

  • NEW: JSON server can now register itself to the local Bonjour (mDNS, zeroconf) network. Making it easier for devices on the local network to find it. You will no longer need to hard code XTensions IP address into your IOT sensors, they can find it by looking up the bonjour name you register on the network
  • NEW: Added a “binaryDataAvailable” event in the applescript DIY script handler. If you’re implementing a binary protocol AppleScript may choke trying to turn some binary data into a string to pass it to the data available handler. If you are having this problem simply implement the binaryDataAvailable event instead of the dataAvailable event and it will no longer attempt to cast the data to a string and send you only the list of bytes. See the template for the DIY script for more info and the specifics of the event.
  • FIX: DIY Interface scripts and other interface scripts were previously loaded before the Attachments script was loaded from the database causing them not to have a valid reference to the parent script object. This meant that you could not access global variables from the attachments script in Interface scripts. This is fixed.
  • FIX: the All Of List verb suffered a regression in the last build related to the new list window display where it would skip the first unit in the list and log an error when it reached the end of the list. The verb now returns all the units in the list and does not throw any errors.
  • CHANGE: UPB: if you don’t have a unit to receive the UPB noise reports it would previously log each and every noise report to the log instead. It now only logs a noise report if you don’t have a unit to receive it and the value is larger than 0.
  • FIX: dragging selected units from the Master List window would result in an error in the log and no dragging actually taking place. You could still drag individual unselected units. You can now drag from the Master List in the same way you can from all other list windows.
  • VIEWS: just some cleanup on the drawing of some of the controls in the View windows, specifically bar graphs gradient looks more like the web interface now.
  • VIEWS: By an oversight in the past the Global Script button control was not available in the popup list of new controls in a grouping rectangle so you couldn’t add buttons to a group. The control is now available from the popup menu of new controls in a grouping rectangle.
  • FIX: previously resizing or moving a View control with the arrow keys would not mark the View as needing to be saved so those changes might not have been saved. Any method of moving or resizing a control now results in the changes being properly saved.
  • FIX: The last selected sort column and direction is now properly applied when opening the master list window.
  • FIX: If you close the Edit Interface window for a DIY Interface with the script dialog for it still open the script dialog will be able to save any changes you make after that point to the script without logging errors.
  • NEW: Added an “Apply” button to all the Edit Interface dialogs so you can make changes live without closing the window.
  • NEW: Added the “Enabled” and “Debug” checkboxes to the Edit Interface dialogs so that you can control the interface without having to close and re-open the edit interface dialog each time.
  • FIX: Fixed a problem where dragging units from the Master List into a Group window would result in the first unit being added multiple times rather than each unit you dragged.
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