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XTension Version 9.4

Released: 4/11/2018

Download: XTension v9.4 (build 978) 4/11/2018
zipfile md5 = 6c5a0f194ef316d418c1bcae5e40de76

Change Log

  • Vera UI7 protocol promoted out of Beta to actual release.
  • Vera UI7 should not send multiple incorrectly addressed Scenes any more. There should be no scenes with an “S” in front of their address anymore, only a numerical address but with the device type popup set to Scene. This will not delete any units that were previously created though you’ll have to do that manually and then see what is re-created.
  • NEW: Unit Controls in List Windows. See: Controlling Units In Lists for more info. Toggles, Buttons, Popups, and Edit Fields currently supported.
  • NEW: Custom Columns in List Windows. Any List window can now show any Unit Property values or dates in a column. see: Custom List Columns for more info.
  • NEW: Web Interface List window approaching parity with the List windows in the application. You cannot edit the lists or resize things yet but you can see all the same data as you could in the app including the new custom columns and new unit controls. You can also sort by the columns in the web interface.
  • NEW: Inline Editing of the Description column works on the Web Interface the same way as on the App windows.
  • NEW: Inline editing of values or custom column dates works the same in the web interface as in the App.
  • NEW: Interface status is better shown in the List windows and web interface. The error status and time of the error is shown as a tooltip in both places. You’ll be able to see at a glance if the interface that supports a Unit is offline or having trouble.
  • NEW: click in the Value column to bring up the same Detailed Unit Controls that you can bring up by clicking on the Jewel status icon in the unit name field. See the updated Using List Windows article for more info.
  • New: User added Contextual Controls now available in the Detailed Unit Controls window as well as in the Contextual menu for the unit. The same interface is also available on the Web Interface. You can add your own buttons to the interface in both places now. See the Extending the User Interface article for more info and examples.
  • New: An example of using a combination of the contextual interface and the new custom list columns to track the battery change date of your battery operated devices.
  • New: The already mentioned extending the interface article also has an example of how to display the “poll rating” that the Vera UI7 interface sends so that you can see at a glance in any list if the devices are communicating properly or if your network is having trouble reaching them.
  • New: Added the new toolbar system to the Unit Properties and Script Properties windows.
  • New: The Unit and Script property windows will now let you resize the columns and will remember the new sizes as well as their placement and open status.
  • Fix: Found and fixed a bug that could cause a javascript error in both the web remote and mobile web remote when loading the detailed unit controls for certain unit types.
  • Fix: When XTension backed up it’s database and made a zip file of it we were loosing the root folder. When you unzipped it you would only find the Contents folder. The data was all still in there if you just dragged that into another XTension Database folder, but it was confusing. The root folder is now preserved when backing up the database.
  • HighSierra: Found and filtered another set of random non-printable characters it can sometimes insert into scripts causing AppleScript to choke on code that is otherwise fine.
  • Fix: If you used the contextual menu to “add selected unit to group…” the group window that resulted didn’t know that it had changes and so wouldn’t let you save it. The window now knows that there are changes when units are added in this fashion.
  • Change: the Vera UI7 driver is less RESTful. It reconnects more quickly and doesn’t wait as long to accept data and recycle the connection. This significantly reduces the latency in getting output from the Vera into XTension.
  • New: added a “without waiting” option to the Speak verb. In case the queue were to get stuck you could force it to speak even if it thinks someone else is already speaking. With this option included it won’t wait, but will speak over anything currently speaking, including itself.
  • New: Moved the Error icon from the right of the unit name into the flags column which will now render a little wider but include that. Mouse over for error information.
  • New: The flags column, and all others, show on the Web Remote exactly the same as they do in the App.
  • Fix: The Description column, or whichever column is at the end of the List window will size itself to fully use any extra space in the window.
  • Fix: The Description Edit field that comes up when you click and hover over the description field will also size itself properly to the edge of the window.
  • Improvement: More retina fixes in View drawing. Lists and Views look better on a retina machine but still work fine on a non-retina machine or over VNC.
  • CHANGE: The database layout was changed so previous versions will not be able to read your database after you run the new version against it. The new version will make a zipped backup of your database when it starts up so going back to the previous version is as simple as unzipping that and replacing the updated database with the old one and then re-launching the previous version. The changes are to names and locations of things internally not the actual data. If it becomes necessary I can manually alter your database to re-open in the previous version so please let me know if you really need to do that and I can take care of de-converting it for you. Except in the case of dire emergency that should not be necessary though as the zip file will be there.

Other Releases

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