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XTension Version 9.3.4

Released: 8/20/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.4 (build 968) 8/20/2017

NOTE: this version requires OSX 10.9 or later.

Change Log

  • Added the xtLastMessageDate property to the xUnit class. This returns the date that the last message was received for the unit. Some units like temperature sensors or security devices may send regular updates even if they have not changed their Value. XTension will not run the ON script and update the value for such things unless the value has changed. If you need to check the time the last message was received to make sure a device is properly sending updates you can check this value. This is a replacement for the “last message date” unit property that used to be set only for Oregon Scientific temperature sensors. This is now available for all units.
  • Turned back on the updating of the “last message date” unit property in order to support legacy scripts for people who were using that to monitor their Oregon Scientific sensors.
  • JSON server now sends a properly formatted HTTP header set. Previously it was sending a few rather goofy things. This may have caused some problems with some devices or services. The output from the JSON server now passes all the W3 validation processes as valid HTTP 1.0 or 1.1.
  • JSON server now responds with the same HTTP version that the request was made with. If the device is simple and wants a connection to be 1.0 then the response from the server will be formatted for 1.0. Though I never heard from anyone that this was causing a problem it is now done properly just in case.
  • JSON server will accept requests for favorite icons or iOS touch icons. What this means is that if you save a link to the JSON server for some quick action from you iPhone home screen it will show up with the XTension icon rather than a white box. Additionally if you save off a link in the browser it should show the proper icon in whatever interface list or menu the browser supplies.
  • JSON server properly sends headers to stop a browser or other device from caching the result. No good to cache the “success” message response and not actually make the request.
  • JSON server marks the connection as “close” rather than “keep-alive” which is the http 1.1 default. This way smarter devices shouldn’t log an error when XTension closes the connection immediately anyway.
  • Fix: the ROSIM support now properly listens on the correct port after editing the interface in the new “allow incoming” settings in the edit device window.
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