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XTension Version 9.3.5

Released: 10/1/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.5 (build 970) 10/1/2017

Hotfix for High Sierra and other improvements. Versions prior to 9.3.5 do not support High Sierra. Even though this version will run does not mean that I can yet recommend upgrading to 10.13 to anyone. Please hold off upgrading your servers unless there is a compelling reason to do so. There were huge changes under the hood in the file system that have caused significant difficulty for those brave souls who upgraded before this release.
If you are running High Sierra there are required updates for XTdb and Video Pitcher as well.
NOTE: this version requires OSX 10.9 or later.

Change Log

  • Compatible with OSX 10.13 (High Sierra) (but it’s still not recommended to upgrade your server as there may yet be more fish under the hood that haven’t become obvious yet.
  • FIX: The Vera interface will no longer disconnect and reload itself when trying to collect info in debug mode.
  • FIX: The Edit/Copy menu will now be properly enabled when text is selected in the log window even if the filter field is open and has focus.
  • FIX: no longer returns an applescript error while setting the xUnit classes “xtLastError” property.
  • FIX: Sorting by address was wonky. It’s still wonky but at least it’s normally lexicographic now. Better sorting in a future version if I can figure out how it makes the most sense to sort a combination of numerical and non-numerical entries.
  • If you copy a list of units a plain text version of the list is also added to the past board so that you can paste the names into a word processor or other app.
  • Vera scenes are now handled more like units. They will not execute their on/off scripts multiple times in the course of a single activation. They will properly get an ON event if the scene is activated from logic on the Vera or other sources.
  • Moved the logging of new units received on the Vera interface to debug mode only as it’s not important normally, just the first time XTension has seen the unit this session, not really a new unit.
  • Added “open in browser” links to the web remote, and mobile web remote configuration pages. If the interface is running you can click these links to quickly open the interface in your default browser on the server machine.
  • FIX: The Desktop Web Remote will once again display Video Pitcher recorded movie snippets in the Video Archive page. Since a recent Safari update this started to fail and would only work in Chrome or Firefox. It now works in Safari again.
  • Several updates to the Web Remote making loading pages slightly faster. You may encounter an error when you add the first control to an otherwise empty page. Just ignore that, reload the page and go about editing your interface.
  • Totally new one hour motion report control for the web remote. Much more reliable and will not throw an error if embedded on a secondary dynamic page or a video page as the old one did about half the time.
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