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Barionet 50

XTension has built in support for Barionet devices. The barix devices are IP enabled data capture and remote control. The Barionet 50 has 4 input channels, 4 relays, a 1-wire bus for temperature sensing as well as a remote RS232 port that becomes available to connect any other serial device to from XTension and an RS485, half duplex port for connecting to thermostats or modbus devices. These things are supported out of the box by XTension.

There is a script included with the XTension package that creates the basic necessary units in XTension after you create the device. There is nothing special about the units it creates, it will just save you some time and mouse clicks by doing it automatically.

The 1-wire bus is the easiest to setup and use to get multiple temperature measurements into XTension at a reasonable cost. If you have only one or 2 sensors then just create units starting at address 601. If you have many then it may be useful to use the native 1-wire addresses which XTension supports as described in the “barix 1-wire readme” included in the disk image.

If you need more inputs or analog inputs XTension also supports the more advanced Barionet 100 that adds analog inputs and digital outputs.

Once the devices are connected to the network and powered up they will request a DHCP address. So you’ll need to watch your airport or other DHCP server log to find them when they first power up. You can then visit their configuration webapge and give them a static IP address for easier management from XTension. From those pages you can also set the baud and other settings of the remote serial ports. The necessary settings for all the devices XTension supports are listed on the supported hardware page for that device. The only combination I know does not work is the UPB serial powerline interface. Something about how it derives the power to run the opti-isolators in it’s serial interface do not work on remote serial ports. It does work however with the port on the Barix ex-streamer audio over IP devices. for other things like a remote CM11 or for connecting to a chain of RCS RS485 thermostats they work wonderfully.

Barionet devices can be purchased in the US from various places for around $165 a fantastic bargain in our estimation, here’s one distributor:

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