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W800 The W800 (full name W800RF32A) is an X10 wireless receiver from WGl Designs

  • The W800 is a serial device and requires a USB Serial adaptor.
  • Since it is a serial device you can connect multiple devices to XTension at the same time to improve reception or coverage.
  • The W800 receives standard X10 devices, remotes and motion sensors as well as the security devices, door sensors, motion sensors and security remotes.
  • The W800 has a coax connection for the antenna and so a higher quality antenna can be used.
  • The picture shows the W800 as attached to my board in my data closet via cable tie on a pegboard.
  • The W800 supports connection to XTension via a Wiznet or Barionet or other Ethernet to Serial adaptor. The proper settings when configuring the remote device are 4800 baud, 8 data bits,1 start bit and CTS/RTS selected as the flow control option.
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