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Security Spy

Security Spy is an excellent Mac NVR application. For recording and viewing full sized and full frame rate IP Cam sources it is an excellent choice. XTension has a Security Spy plugin that connects via the built in HTTP server in Security Spy and can bring motion sensing and other data into XTension as well as let you force a channel in Security Spy to record in response to other events in XTension


Create a new interface from the Interfaces window and select “Security Spy” from the device type popup.

If Security Spy is running on the same machine as XTension leave the default of “localhost” in the IP Address field. Otherwise enter the IP address or DNS name of the machine that you wish to connect to. The Port and SSL settings must match your settings in the Security Spy web server configuration.

In order to get access to the motion sensing data the user you create in Security Spy must have permissions turned on for the option “Allow access to general settings” otherwise it will refuse to share the motion sensing data with us.

Motion Data

Once the interface is enabled XTension will automatically create a new Unit in your database for each motion output that it finds in Security Spy. These units will turn on and off in XTension based on the motion sensing system in Security Spy. You can attach scripts to their ON script to have XTension take actions based on motion being sensed by those cameras.


The motion units created in XTension are 2 way units. If you turn them on in XTension either manually or via a script that will be sent back to Security Spy. If Security Spy is configured to record from that stream when motion is sensed it will begin doing so as if it had sensed the motion itself. This is useful if you wish to use other sensing or inputs to make sure several streams are recorded.


  • SSL Connection supported added in XTension build 899 on 9/25/2015
  • The ability to trigger motion recording in Security Spy was added in XTension build 898 on 9/18/2015
  • Security Spy support was added to XTension in build 897 on 9/11/2015
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