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  • The Powerlinc (1132U) and the PowerlincCU (1132CU) are X10 powerline interfaces made by
  • Though the Powerlinc CU advertises that it can perform limited functions when disconnected from the computer, XTension does not download commands to this device.
  • The devices use USB interfaces and so do not require a USB Serial Adaptor.
  • Since the devices fail to implement a unique serial number in their USB implementation XTension can only connect to 1 of them at a time.
  • We also support the Powerlinc 1132B which is a SERIAL device, requiring a USB-Serial adaptor, but at this time we do not support the Extended Code and Preset Dim commands for this interface.
  • Note that SmartHome does sell many interfaces called the “PowerLinc”, but most of these are for the Insteon protocol which we do not support.
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