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NOTE: The SmartHome Powerlink plugins will not be rebuilt to support OSX Catalina and newer and will no longer be included in the distribution. If you are runnin Mojave or earlier and wish to continue to use the plugins please download the Legacy Plugins file and use the “Install Plugin…” menu item from the Database menu to install it. This will install the plugin in your database and you can continue to use it as long as you do not update the OS past Mojave.The CM11 plugin has been updated for Catalina so if you still require an X10 powerline interface I recommend picking up one of those on ebay or used

  • The Powerlinc (1132U) and the PowerlincCU (1132CU) are X10 powerline interfaces made by
  • Though the Powerlinc CU advertises that it can perform limited functions when disconnected from the computer, XTension does not download commands to this device.
  • The devices use USB interfaces and so do not require a USB Serial Adaptor.
  • Since the devices fail to implement a unique serial number in their USB implementation XTension can only connect to 1 of them at a time.
  • We also support the Powerlinc 1132B which is a SERIAL device, requiring a USB-Serial adaptor, but at this time we do not support the Extended Code and Preset Dim commands for this interface.
  • Note that SmartHome does sell many interfaces called the “PowerLinc”, but most of these are for the Insteon protocol which we do not support.
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