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XTension Version 9.4.33

Released: 9/1/2020

Download for Mojave and Earlier: XTension v9.4.33 (build 1024) 9/1/2020
Download for Catalina Only: XTension v9.4.33 (build 1024) for Catalina Only 9/1/2020

NOTE: the catalina download is a notarized disk image file but does not contain the entirety of the plugins as not all are updated to run on Catalina yet. See the Catalina note below or more info. Please do not use this image on a 10.14 (Mohave) or earlier version, use the non Catalina file above.

Important Info

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10

Mac OSX Catalina the above linked disk image is notarized for Catalina however not all plugins have completed the transition to the new OS version. Please verify that your necessary devices are supported before updating.

Mac OSX Mojave has changed the requirements for scripting of other applications. You MUST force any script to run that contacts a different application when you upgrade and click “OK” when it asks for permission or your scripts will silently fail when they run later. See the Mojave Support Page for more info.

I was overly aggressive in the previous version at removing older deprecated plugins that have newer replacements. I have undone that decision and replaced all the plugins that I removed in the last release. Your database should load and run normally in this version if it has in any of the more recent versions. As of this moment the only plugins that have actually been removed from the package are the original Arduino plugin, the original Vera plugin, the original Hue plugin, and the original Barix plugin. If you are coming from a version old enough to have still included those you will have to edit the interface for those and change them to the new version before they can run.

You will see a new Plugin Validation window if any plugin issues are found at startup that will help you to know why something isn’t running and how to convert to the new plugin.

9.4.33 Change Log:

  • NEW: Plugin Validation Window. At startup and anytime you wish from the “Validate Plugins” menu item in the Database menu you can validate that all the plugins you are using are installed and are not about to be removed. If a previously available plugin has been removed there will be instructions there for how to convert to the new plugin. If there is a replacement for a deprecated plugin you’re using there will be a warning message there letting you know that you should convert to the new one as soon as possible. If there is no replacement for the plugin or if the plugin just wasn’t found it will also be shown there.
  • I put back all but the originally removed plugins, including the original W800 plugin. So if you ran the last version and gave up because your w800 plugin was not running at all it will now work again just at startup without having to do anything. You’ll also get a message in that validation window letting you know that plugin is going away and how to convert to the new one.
  • NEW: The first pass at the Weatherflow plugin is included in this build. The only change from the last beta version that people are running is that it will now ignore multiple receptions of the same packet as can happen in networks with several bridges or routing nodes. If you installed the beta plugin by manually copying it into your database plugins folder or using the “install plugin” menu item you will need to manually remove it from the database before XTension will run the built in version. Use the “reveal plugins folder for this database…” menu item from the Database menu and then drag the weatherflow.isf folder from there to the trash. Then restart XTension to use the new plugin.
  • VERA: If you issue an X10 only command to a unit that is now part of a Vera interface it will no longer cause the Vera interface to crash and restart. Previously it would do this if you did something like tell it to send an All Units Off command which is an X10 only command as there is no equivalent for ZWave.
  • VERA: The Vera plugin will now properly handle many devices that the Vera considers to be “GenericIO” this includes many ZigBee devices. Perviously no values were found in those receptions. If anyone finds any that still don’t work please let me know.
  • VERA: The Vera plugin no longer logs an error after issuing the “updateNeighbors” command making you think it didn’t work even though it did.
  • FIX: Errors logged by an interface during shutdown will now be filterable in the log by the interface name. Previously this information was left out.
  • FIX: Previously with the new W800 plugin if you edited a unit on that interface it would lose the connection between the interface and the unit until you disabled and re-enabled the interface. This is fixed and you can now edit any units associated with the interface without losing the connection. Hat tip to Thomas Arman who figured out what was really going on there!
  • WEB REMOTE: I have increased the session timeouts drastically for both the Mobile Web Remote as well as the desktop Web Remote. This is especially helpful on the Mobile platform as you won’t have to go through the reload this app button if you are away from the screen for more than a couple of minutes. This really helps to make it more friendly and less frustrating to use. It will still time out in a few hours and if the iPhone shuts down the program in the background you’ll also have to reload it, but for just switching around and coming back to it this is a great improvement.
  • WEB REMOTE: The dekstop web remote is now much better at serving up large archived movie files. Even ludicriously large movies can be served up and will begin to stream almost instantly. In previous versions this all worked well for smaller files, but for larger ones there was a significant delay before they would start playing and after some size they would not play at all. This is now working very well.
  • FIX: Shared Databases will no longer log a long stream of alien address receptions while the connection is active.
  • FIX: The global “thisUnit” will now be valid even if you just created the unit script by clicking on the script icon in the list window rather than using the Edit Unit window to create the new script. Previously the thisUnit global would have been empty for a unit script created that way until you quit and restarted XTension.
  • CHANGE: the global “thisUnit”, “thisScript” and “thisInterface” when used in a global handler will now be reset to what they would be if that script was running normally. So (thisScript) would return the name of the script that holds the handler and not the name of the script that is calling the handler as it did previously. This is a change from the previous behavior, but the previous behavior was not documented as on purpose and this seems more to me as to how it should work.
  • FIX: If there was a script problem that caused the script queue timeout error to be logged the thisScript, thisUnit and thisInterface values were never cleared. This could lead to confusing logging for other script errors that might happen later as it could have claimed to be from the script that was left hung up in the background.
  • FIX: Previously if you deleted all the units in a List window you might have gotten a stack trace in the log and the window became unusable until you closed and re-opened it. This now works properly.
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