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 =====Beta Versions===== =====Beta Versions=====
-Beta 1 of version 9.4.39 is available as of 3/18/2021. 
-This version ​is identical ​to the current release except ​for the finalized support ​of door locks for the hubitat plugin.+====XTension Beta 9.4.45 for ARM and X86==== 
 +Released: 12/​25/​2021\\ 
 +There is now a native ARM64 build for Apple’s M1 chip devices. The X86 version continues ​to run just fine on those machines but going forward I will be supplying 2 builds of the app for each machine. This is a middle ​of the road conversion so far. The main app is completely arm but the embedded python implementation and the included binary plugins are still x86 code. If you have an M1 mac that is running XTension please download and test this version. It makes no database format changes so if there are issues you can go back to the release version by just replacing the executable
-Since the build number has been incremented a backup of your database ​will be made automatically the first time you run this build. No changes have been made to the database structure so if necessary you should be able to revert to the release version without putting back the backup.+In general ​the M1 and X86 versions should function identically however if you have an M1 machine it will likely load slightly faster and possibly ​run slightly faster and will use less memory and other system resources.
-Download: [[https://​​files/​xtension/​xtension_9_4_39_beta.dmg|XTension beta 1 of 9.4.39]] 3/18/2021+Both M1 and original X86 compiles ​of this version are available.
 +**NOTE:** when you first run the new version on the most recent system versions it will make you approve access to the documents folder. Once you have done this once it should not ask again on future launches. If you click deny you must go into the security and privacy and manually re-enable XTension for access to the Documents folder.
-Change Log+In addition to the M1 build this beta includes the following changes and fixes
-  * Hubitat: new “pin code unit” device type added to support knowing which pin code was used to unlock ​the doorWhen the plugin encounters ​Lock unit in the hubitat these units will be created automaticallyThey will receive an “ON” command whenever ​the corresponding code is used to unlock ​the doorUnfortunately ​the hubitat does not yet share what code was used to lock the door so they will never receive an OFF command.  +  * The Manage Global Scripts window now displays ​the total number of scripts with errors in it’s title as well as the number of scripts with errors in each folder throughout the listThe number of scripts in each folder is also displayed. 
-  * Hubitat: ​The Lock unit will let you lock and unlock ​the door remotely by selecting that state from the popup or using the enumerated commands something likeset value of “your lock unit” to “locked” ​+  * Plugins that are running remotely no longer send pings when the interface is disconnected so errors about them are no longer incorrectly logged. 
 +  * Fixed potential problem ​in the XTension kit receiver plugin if a device sent invalid JSON charactersIt no longer causes ​the listening thread to stop completely but rather logs an appropriate error and continues to function for every other device. 
 +  * Added support ​to the XTension kit plugin for new and upcoming devices. 
 +  * For the M1 build an error is no longer created at startup due to Apple no longer supporting some of the default icons that I was pulling from the system
 +  * The Genmon plugin ​will update ​the label of the Engine State unit even if the state of the engine has not changed. 
 +  * GenmonAdded many new error and status units so that it is simpler to get specific information than to parse the label of the engine status ​unit. New units created include: 
 +    * Error: Engine Speed High or Low 
 +    * Error: Governor failure 
 +    * Error: Low Oil 
 +    * Error: Overcrank 
 +    * Error: Overheat 
 +    * Error: Overload 
 +    * Error: RPM Sensor 
 +    * Error: Voltage High or Low 
 +    * Error: Warning (generator is sending a warning that is not yet an error or alarm condition) 
 +    * Generator Is In Alarm 
 +    * Generator Is Running 
 +    * Generator Is Ready 
 +    * Generator Is Exercising 
 +    * Generator Is Ready 
 +    * Generator Service Is Due 
 +Note that the M1 version is not a Universal build and will not run on X86 based machines. While the X86 version runs just fine on the M1 chip under emulation the M1 version will not run on an X86 based machine.  
 +Download for M1: [[https://​​files/​xtension/​xtension_9_4_45_arm_beta.dmg|XTension v 9.4.45 (build 1048) for ARM/​M1]]\\ 
 +Download for X86: [[https://​​files/​xtension/​xtension_9_4_45_x86_beta.dmg|XTension v 9.4.45 (build 1048) for X86]]\\
-Known Issues: 
-As of this moment lock units when created may show unlocked as the state even if the door is locked when the unit is first created. After the first change of state either remotely or via the lock itself the unit will then be in sync.  
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