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Beta Versions

Beta 1 of version 9.4.39 is available as of 3/18/2021.

This version is identical to the current release except for the finalized support of door locks for the hubitat plugin.

Since the build number has been incremented a backup of your database will be made automatically the first time you run this build. No changes have been made to the database structure so if necessary you should be able to revert to the release version without putting back the backup.

Download: XTension beta 1 of 9.4.39 3/18/2021

Change Log:

  • Hubitat: new “pin code unit” device type added to support knowing which pin code was used to unlock the door. When the plugin encounters a Lock unit in the hubitat these units will be created automatically. They will receive an “ON” command whenever the corresponding code is used to unlock the door. Unfortunately the hubitat does not yet share what code was used to lock the door so they will never receive an OFF command.
  • Hubitat: The Lock unit will let you lock and unlock the door remotely by selecting that state from the popup or using the enumerated commands something like: set value of “your lock unit” to “locked”

Known Issues:

As of this moment lock units when created may show unlocked as the state even if the door is locked when the unit is first created. After the first change of state either remotely or via the lock itself the unit will then be in sync.

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