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Email Preferences

Added in 9.3 XTension can now send email alerts directly from a single verb. Those alerts can also contain snapshots from Video Pitcher streams or graphs or gauges from XTdb. Those attachments can be sent as standard attachments or can be attached “inline” so that you can send an HTML email with the images or graphs included in a formatted email report. Additionally you can use Advanced Label syntax to include data from any unit at the time that the email alert was generated. Lastly you can send emails using template files as well as purely script generated text. If you have a complex HTML template with inline graphs and unit data included you can edit that in any text or HTML editor and XTension can load and process it in response to the Send Email verb.

Setting up the Email Preferences Tab

The email server information is setup in the “Email Settings” tab of the Preferences window.

I can verify that this works with comcast’s email system, I have not tested with every email service available. This will probably work with the same SMTP server settings that you use in but if you find a service doesn’t work please let me know and we will figure out how to support more systems. Given the variety of different encryptions and password systems it’s likely this won’t support everyone on the first release.

Most fields should be self explanatory. The From Address and From Name are the address that all emails will be sent from. The To Address and To Name are the defaults that will be used if the send email verb doesn’t specify a different one. Clicking to Send Test Email will send a simple test email to the default address. If that works then everything else should be working as well.

See the Send Email verb for more info on actually sending an email.


  • added to XTension in version 9.3 on 6/2/2017
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