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Download XTdb:

Latest release version is 3.6.4 released on 2/3/2023

XTdb v3.6.4 released 2/3/2023 (27m)

This version is Universal, running natively on both Intel and Apple processors. It requires at least OSX 10.10 though a more recent version is recommended. 10.10 support is no longer tested and at some point very soon Apple will remove support for it from the compilers making it necessary for me to do the same. I will always support as early an OS version as is reasonably possible.

XTdb 3.6.4 requires at least XTension v9.0, more recent versions are recommended. For use with earlier versions please see the compatibility matrix

This version is a free upgrade for all registered users.

NOTE: if you are running 3.6.4 on an existing database there will be a short pause at startup as it rebuilds the indexes to make sure there are no issues left over from the now fixed indexing issue documented below. So let it finish loading before you worry that something is stuck. It should not take very long, on any recent machine reindexing is a very fast process.


XTdb is a separate purchase from XTension. A Serial number can be purchased from the purchasing page

XTdb will provide all the database functions and motion reports for free. It will allow you to create graphs and gauges but will overlay a demo label until it is registered.

Change Log:

Older versions and their change logs can be found on the Previous XTdb Versions versions page.

XTdb 3.6.4 2/3/2023

  • FIX: An indexing issue is fixed that could have caused data to fail to return for some report types as well as stop some graphs from updating after a time. This never resulted in any data loss, it just could not be accessed until the indexes were rebuilt.
  • FIX: The XTdb most recent data display in XTension on the XTdb tab of the Edit Unit dialog is working again. This was related to the above issue.

Since this is a bug fix release I’ll leave the previous release notes below:

XTdb 3.6.2 4/4/2022

  • New: You can now Change the font that is used to draw the labels and titles of the graphs. There is a default popup in the Preferences window as well as an individual popup in each edit graph window so not all graphs need to use the same font.
  • New: If you wish to change which unit is assigned to a line in a graph you can now click the popup triangle at the right side of the unit name field and select a new unit. Previously it was necessary to delete the entire line with all it’s settings and create a new one from scratch.
  • Fix: Fixed for a problem with some graphs would stop updating live data after a time. Graphs are now updated properly no matter how long the program has been running.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with some newer systems where all the labels might have failed to draw at all.
  • Fix: Negative unit values are now properly displayed in the mouse over display.
  • If a unit that is in use in a graph or gauge is deleted the unit name that it used to be is used in the error logging. This makes it easier to find and fix anything that has changed. Note that this does not apply to units that are already missing prior to this update. They will still only suggest that an unknown unit is missing. It only works for units that go missing from this release forward.
  • Change: More memory is released once a graph is no longer being displayed, either in a local window, an edit window, an XTension view or on one of the web remotes. Previously the last image as well as the previous query data was all saved using up memory unnecessarily since they were all going to get rebuilt the next time the graph was requested.
  • Previously when loading an interface page containing views they would first show the last graph that was viewed and then would quickly update to the new version. The above change means that it may take a few milliseconds longer to display a graph that is not already in use but it will show current data the first time and not quickly update after initially loading stale data.
  • Fixed a potentially large memory leak when displaying graphs that were being rebuilt very quickly. This only effected graphs that were receiving updates faster than every second but could potentially cause the program to be halted by the system after several days of it. In addition to that fix the memory from all graphs is released more rapidly now. It is still necessary to load all the data and images necessary for a graph into memory, but when no longer viewing that graph the memory is more reliably and more rapidly returned to the system.
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