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Oregon scientific makes several different wind sensors that are compatible with XTension and an RFX Comm receiver.

  • WRG968 WGR968
  • WGR800 ?150
  • WMR200
  • STR918

These devices require the creation of 3 units in XTension. After powering one up you'll find entries in the log that show the address the device has chosen for itself. This is independent of any “channel” selection that it might allow manually. If you wish to change the address you must press the reset button inside of the battery compartment on the device itself.

Create 3 units in XTension set to the proper interface name for your RFX receiver and the proper address with device types of Wind Speed, Average Wind Speed and Wind Direction.

Once saved those units will begin receiving updates from the device.

Wind Speed

Average wind speed could be considered the constant wind speed and the non-averaged wind speed could be considered to be the gust speed. The raw data measurement of the wind speed is in m/s so to get MPH multiply the figure times 2.24.

Wind Direction

The wind direction is send in numerical compass degrees (assuming you oriented the device to north properly) also a compass direction translation such as “NW, NNW, SE” etc is added as a Unit Property should you wish to use that in a display.

Graphing with XTdb

If you have XTdb installed then it will automatically begin saving the data from this device and you can generate graphs of the output, this is mine from the moment that I was writing this…

Wind Data Graph

You can see the red gust data above the green orange data and the direction plotted with just dots and no lines. I need to raise my pole a little bit further as it's often caught in turbulence over my rooftop.

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