Macintosh Home Automation With XTension

XTension has been automating the homes of Macintosh users since 1996! XTension provides more connections to more devices and protocols than any other comparable piece of software. Here is the Official Stable Release XTension is in active development and new builds are available for download on the Latest Build 920 2/6/2016 page usually weekly offering more connections, device support and bug fixes regularly. XTension may be the best software available for those that want to include connections from do it yourself devices built on Arduino or other DIY platforms with our support of a simple ASCII Arduino protocol over serial ports or network ports. If you’ve maxed out the capabilities of the internet of things devices remote controls and want to move beyond those, or wish to integrate all your different devices into a single control platform where they can actually interact with each other rather than be limited to what their iOS app can do then XTension may be for you. Most importantly join our Mailing list where expert users and the XTension developers are available to help and discuss new ideas.


Get the latest version 8.0 Adding support for ZWave and Insteon devices through the Micasa Vera interface. Supporting the Phillips Hue Bridge and New RFXComm support, ZWave fixes and Thermostat integration and the New Web Interface Also including the new “arduino” interface with simple ascii protocol for talking to your own DIY devices. 854 adds support for ZWave thermostats through the Vera interface. For newer builds check the Beta Download and Changelog Current beta build is 913 (12/23/2015) which adds “portable views”, custom interfaces that can be used locally at the program or on the web!

Whats New?


unit list view
Video Control

recent motion report X2Web page control example last hour motion report

Plugins and addon programs can provide Web Interfaces and Graphing

More Than Remote Control

It's easy to build controls for your lights over there from over here. XTension can do this and so much more. Simple or complex scripts can be attached to any action or change in your list of units. The response can be simple, (when motion is detected on the porch turn on the porch lights for half an hour), or complex, (when motion is detected on the porch and it's dark out, turn on the lights for 30 minutes, if we're not home then take a picture from the camera in the driveway and send it via email to my iPhone email account and turn on the kitchen light for 10 minutes to make it look like someone is at home) by supporting the Apple Script language your scripts can be as simple or complex as you like. Start with the basics and add on and never be limited to the actions we happen to think of and stick into a popup menu of capabilities. You need not fear AppleScript! The simple actions are as simple with any other app and the impossible or impractical with menu driven action systems just require a little more thought.

Getting Started

If you're new to XTension please start at the Getting Started page, otherwise use the index or the search field to find what you're looking for.


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Getting Help

Looking to ask some questions that aren't answered here? Join the vibrant mailing list community where hundreds of active XTension users are eagerly awaiting your questions and ideas. XTensionlist a searchable archive of recent emails is available at that link and a complete archive is available thanks to

This wiki and XTension are the work of Michael Ferguson and James Sentman

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