sheDelay (deprecated)

The sheDelay verb still functions at this moment but is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. You should experiment with the Start Idler verb to have the program call back into your script in a specific amount of time rather than delay the script execution. There are situations where using sheDelay will cause unexpected and unpredictable results as AppleScript no longer allows for this sort of thing.

Distinct from the regular applescript Delay verb. By default this pauses the script and the entire program for the number of ticks you select, but by adding the with async parameter the rest of the program is free to continue.


sheDelay (number, the number of ticks to delay for. Ticks are 60th's of a second)

Optional Parameters:

with async
pauses the script but allows the program to continue to process other events and scripts. This is potentially dangerous however, if many scripts stack up in this mode the stack may overflow causing them to error out. A quirk in the way the system handles this if other scripts enter async while an earlier script is still paused they must complete first before control is passed back to the earlier script. This should be used with caution, if you find you need it often you probably should be asking about other ways to accomplish what you're doing.

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