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Turnoff Address

Sends an OFF command directly to an X10 address.


turnoff address “D4”

Optional Parameters:

interface “the name of the interface you wish to send the command”


turnoff address "D4" interface "My CM11"


This command is only valid for X10 capable interfaces.

In the absence of the interface parameter the command will be sent down the interface you have selected as the default for powerline commands. If no default interface is selected and no interface is specified no command will be sent and an error will be logged telling you that you didn't specify an interface and that no default interface could be found.

If you have a unit assigned the same address on the same interface it will not be updated if you use this command to control the physical module directly. This command is more for sending sequences of commands necessary for programming certain devices than for actually controlling units. Wherever possible create a unit for the appropriate address and command it rather than send the command directly.

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