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Send Only Address

Within the X10 protocol it is possible to select several unit addresses which are on the same housecode and then send one or more commands that will affect all of the selected units at the same time. This is called “stacking” the addresses.

This allows you to do things like simultaneous control of a set of lights at the cost of a longer response time before the lights begin to change their state.

NOTE: if you wish to stack address for devices which already have Units assigned to them please use the Send Address For verb instead.


send only address (X10 address string, ie, “D4”, “[A-P][1-16]”)

Optional Parameters:

interface (the name of your X10 interface) without this you must have a “default outgoing powerline” interface selected in the parameters.


send only address "A6"
send only address "A7"
turnon address "A8"


If you have Units with these same addresses they will not be updated in the database if you use this method to control them. This was added to assist the controlling and programming of “PCS” brand dimmers which require that we be able to send addresses separate from commands.

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