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All Of Class

Returns a list of all lists, views or groups.


all of class (text, the class: “globals”, “lists”, “views“, “groups”, “errors”, “lowbatt”)
returns AppleScript list of names.

globals returns a list of all global scripts lists returns a list of all unit lists views returns a list of all views groups returns a list of all units that are groups errors returns a list of all units for which the error level is set. For example any Vera unit that is not responding or any unit for which the last activity timeout has been reached. lowbatt returns a list of all units that currently are reporting a low battery flag.

Optional Parameters:

with extract
returns a list of unit extract records. this is only meaningful if the list you’re requesting contains units and not scripts or other items.


set AllMyGlobalScripts to all of class "globals"
write log "I count " & (count of items of AllMyGlobalScripts) & " global scripts."
repeat with ThisScriptName in AllMyGlobalScripts
  write log ThisScriptName
end repeat


classes “errors” and “lowbatt” were added in version 9.1

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