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Most Recent

Returns the most recent update or updates going back in time from now for a specified Unit.


  • most recent [integer: number of entries to return]
    • for [text: name of the Unit or Database]
  • returns: a list of lists of date/value pairs {{date, value}, {date, value}…}

The return will be in the format of a list of lists, each internal list will have 2 values, the date of the event and the value of the event.


Get the 3 most recent motion hits from the front porch:

  tell app “XTdb” to set myHitList to most recent 3 for “front porch motion"

Get the 10 most recent temperature readings from the server room sensor:

  tell app “XTdb” to set myTempList to most recent 10 for “server temperature"
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