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OSX Catalina Support Information

As of this writing Catalina is still in public beta. Nobody should load a public beta, much less this one, onto their house servers. If you have already done so I am supplying a hardened and notarized version of the app for running on Catalina.

As of XTension version 9.4.21 the following plugins are unavailable on Catalina. Do NOT upgrade your server if you require any of these plugins. I am rebuilding these as people let me know which ones they are still using but do not have time frames when they will be available yet.

  • The original Barix plugin. Please update to the new Barix plugin.
  • The original Arduino plugin. Please update to the new Arduino plugin.
  • CM11 (this is scheduled for an update soon)
  • CM15
  • CM19
  • DIY (this is scheduled for an update soon)
  • diyNOLI
  • lynx (this is scheduled for an update soon)
  • mr26
  • the 3 legacy smart home X10 intefaces
  • the original RFX interfaces, please update to the new RFX plugin.
  • Vizia ZWave interface.
  • Original W800 interface, please update to the new W800 plugin.
  • HomeSeer “ZTroller” plugin.

Do not update to Catalina if you need any of those plugins. Additionally please let me know via email if you are still using any of the plugins not already scheduled for an update so I can add them to my list.

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