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 =====OSX Catalina Support Information===== =====OSX Catalina Support Information=====
-As of this writing Catalina ​is still in public betaNobody should load a public beta, much less this one, onto their house servers. If you have already done so I am supplying a hardened and notarized version of the app for running ​on Catalina.+As of XTension version 9.4.34 the application ​is fully supported on OSX Catalina and OSX Big Sur. That being said both operating systems have significant issues ​in and of themselvesThe most reliable OS in recent memory in our testing is Mojave. If you are running ​at least Mojave and do not need features new to Catalina ​or Big Sur then I would not recommend updating at this time
-As of XTension ​version ​9.4.21 the following plugins ​are unavailable on CatalinaDo NOT upgrade your server if you require any of these plugins. I am rebuilding these as people let me know which ones they are still using but do not have time frames when they will be available yet.+A notarized disk image is available on the [[:​current|current release page]] that should be used for a Catalina or newer installation. 
 +There is additionally a version ​of [[:​xtdb|XTdb]] fully notarized and ready for Catalina and newer available on that download page. 
 +There are some legacy plugins that will not be brought forward to the newer OS versions howeverIf you are relying on one of these please consider updating to newer interface devices or contact ​me to see whats possible about supporting these: 
 +  * CM15 - a no longer made USB/X10 interface 
 +  * CM19 - a no longer made USB/X10 wireless transceiver. 
 +  * Vizia ZWave - a no longer made serial Zwave interface 
 +  * ZTroller - a no longer made serial ZWave interface. 
 +  * Smart Home X10 Interfaces. No longer made usb or serial based X10 interfaces from Smart Home 
 +Those plugins will no longer be included in the builds for earlier OS’s either ​but can be downloaded separately and installed via the “Install Plugin...” menu item from the Database menu in XTension. The legacy plugins ​have been separately code signed and will continue to run on MacOS Mojave and earlier. They will not run on Catalina or later versions.  
 +They can be downloaded from: [[https://​​files/​xtension/​]]
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