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Rosim Traffic and Parking Systems

Rosim make wireless vehical and traffic sensing systems. Easier and cheaper than cutting for a loop and sensor installation it needs only that a plug be cut out of the road to insert the wireless sensor. These sensors report to an access point and XTension connects to that access point. A “sense” or “no-sense” unit in XTension can be created to correspond to the state of any sensor connected to that access point.

Setting up in XTension is different than other devices as the Rosim access point will not accept an incoming connection, but will only make an outgoing connection. Therefore the “address” of the connection setup in XTension is ignored and the “port” setting is actually used to start a listening server on your XTension machine. The port number can be any “high” port (meaning above 1024) that doesn’t interfere with any other services that you’re running.

The IP address of your XTension machine and the port you’ve selected need to be set into the ethernet configuration of the Rosim WAP. After doing so it will connect to XTension and start sending us status data from the sensors.

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