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This is a list of the currently supported interfaces. For a discussion of some of the modules and devices supported by these interfaces see the Supported Modules section. Most of these are included in the regular XTension download. Others may have to be installed separately. See the individual pages for more info.

Apple’s Home Kit

  • Home Kit Control XTension units via Siri and Apple’s Home App on MacOS, iOS and tvOS devices.

Z-Wave Interfaces

  • Vera UI7 Protocol The new Vera UI7 interface protocol. This will support the new features of ZWave plus like Central Scene support. If you’re starting a new setup then just select the UI7 version in XTension and continue. If you’re converting an existing setup then please read the article carefully before converting as there is a specific work flow to do that. It is simple, but will save you a lot of manual unit editing later if you do it properly.
  • Vera (legacy plugin) from Vera Control Ltd, previously Micasa Vera. This is our choice for best ZWave interface.
    • Legacy interfaces:
      • Vizia Leviton Vizia Z-Wave interface
      • ZTroller HomeSeer Z-Troller Z-Wave interface
      • ZStick Aeon Labs Z-Stick Z-Wave Interface

Lutron Caseta and RadioRA Hubs

  • Lutron Hubs Control and monitoring of Lutron’s RadioRA or Caseta Pro Hubs

X10 Powerline Protocol Devices

  • XTB-232 (replacement for the CM11a and our pick for best X10 interface currently available)
  • CM15 (X10 and X10 wireless receive and transmit)

WiFi Plugs, Switches and Bulbs

  • Lifx very nice wifi connected color and color temperature capable bulbs and displays.
  • TP-Link / Kasa TP-Link / Kasa Outlets, Power Strips as well as their color and color temperature capable bulbs

UPB Universal Powerline Protocol Interfaces

  • UPB Interfaces UPB is a popular alternative to X10 and Insteon as a high powered powerline protocol.

X10 Wireless Receivers/Transmitters

  • W800 (X10 wireless and X10 Security)
  • MR26 (X10 Wireless)
  • CM19 (X10 Wireless receive and transmit)
  • CM15 (X10 Wireless and Security. Receive and Transmit)
  • RFX, RFXe and RFXt (X10 Wireless and Security, Oregon Scientific devices)

Amazon Alexa Bridge


  • Vera UI7Some insteon devices are supported by the Vera device. The support is somewhat limited however so please verify that what you want to do is supported before investing in equipment. If the device is supported by the Vera then it should be supported by XTension connecting to the Vera. If you find a device that XTension does not support we can gather the data necessary to make it work.


  • mySensors XTension is now a fully featured controller for the mySensors arduino based sensor system.

Alarm Systems

  • Ad2usb the AD2USB interface for Ademco/Honeywell Security systems

xBee Radio Connected Devices

  • xBee Radios xBee radios for remote monitoring, control and serial data!


Analog/Digital I/O and data capture

RFID Receivers

  • Parallax Short range passive RFID Receiver.
    • Legacy Devices:


Ceiling Fans

Dallas 1-Wire

  • 1-wire temperature sensors are supported through the Barix Barionet device interface.
  • Additional 1-wire devices can be connected through an Arduino Interface interface if you dont mind a little code.

Do It Yourself Interface

  • Do It Yourself Simple method of rolling your own interface to non-supported devices.
  • Arduino a simple text protocol for connecting to arduino or other similar DIY style devices with a simple protocol and example code.


  • the JSON Interface interface handles either simple web requests to send data to a unit or the parsing of complicated JSON data structures to take whatever action is necessary. Just about anything that makes a web request via a simple form or via a JSON packet can be used to control units via this interface.

Wireless Tags


  • Any geofence app that has the ability to make an HTTP request when entering or exiting can be used with the JSON interface
  • An XTension user is also the developer of mGeofence which works great with XTension and the JSON server.
  • Locative is dead, long live Locative! While the cloud features are no longer available the app itself continues to be available and the cloud is not necessary for use with XTension. No need to switch if you have this working. We have a Locative tutorial
  • another method of setting up geofences with drop box and IFTT can be seen here
  • Geohopper is supported as of build 897 with enhancements to the JSON interface

Traffic or Parking Space Management

  • Rosim Wireless car sensor for traffic sensing or parking space monitoring.

Bluetooth LE Devices

  • Switchbot Battery operated physical button pushing and switch toggling robot.


  • Video Pitcher to “pitch” video from many IP cameras into XTension for display in Views and Web Remote pages. Also offering recording and video processing.
  • Security Spy Support for getting motion and recording data out of the excellent Mac NVR software Security Spy

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

Plugins of Uncategorical Category

  • Database Sharing Lets you share units and scripts from one XTension install to another.
  • AirPort Monitoring watch the state of your airports, track connected devices and perform reboots of AirPort Basestations.
  • Network Presence interface watches devices coming and going on your local network via the arp table and can also ping remote hosts on the internet.
  • Websocket Interface Roll your own interfaces to your XTension database, or connect a device that knows how to speak this protocol. Sends standard JSON data back and forth for commands or value changes. Comes with a simple browser example with the javascript necessary to receive and parse the data from XTension as well as send commands back and forth.
  • Pimoroni Rainbow Hat for the Raspberry Pi Get button events and control the display and LED’s on a Pimoroni Rainbow Hat equipped Raspberry Pi.
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