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 set value of “Thermostat Mode Unit” to “cool” set value of “Thermostat Mode Unit” to “cool”
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====Gathering Data For Unsupported Devices:​====
 +If you have a device that is either not showing up at all or it showing no updates or the wrong updates please do the following to capture info about it. First I need a full database dump from your hubitat and the name of the device or it’s address so I can find the pertinent data in the potentially large database info. Please visit this link on your Hubitat, filling in your Access Token as described above in the initial setup:
 +http://​hubitat.local/​apps/​api/<​replace with your APP ID Number as above>/​devices/​*?​access_token=<​replace with your access token as above>
 +That will download some pages of JSON data into your browser, you can cut and paste it into an email to me or save it to a file and email me that if the data is too large.
 +Second I will need some of the push data that the hubitat sends when values change or are updated. In the Interface List window in XTension control click, or perform a contextual click on the hubitat interface you created there and select “Turn Debug Mode On” Now all the push information that is received will be written to the XTension log. Do whatever you need to in order to create some push updates from the Hubitat and then copy and paste those lines into an email to me as well. I’ll do whatever possible to support any devices that aren’t already handled properly.
 ====History:​==== ====History:​====
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