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 ===Zigbee=== ===Zigbee===
 +  * [[hubitat]] Hubitat device plugin also supports ZigBee devices.
   * [[hue]] Phillips Hue Bridge   * [[hue]] Phillips Hue Bridge
-  * [[supported_hardware:​veraui7|Vera UI7]]New Vera plugin also supports ​ZegBee ​devices +  * [[supported_hardware:​veraui7|Vera UI7]] New Vera plugin also supports ​ZigBee ​devices. 
-  * [[vera]] The Vera Plus also supports ZigBee devices+  * [[vera]] The legacy ​Vera Plus plugin ​supports ZigBee devices.
 ===Analog/​Digital I/O and data capture=== ===Analog/​Digital I/O and data capture===
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