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CM19 altered with coax connector

  • CM19 is a USB version of the MR26 but adds the ability to transmit X10 wireless and ninja camera mount controls.
  • Since the device does not implement a serial number in it's USB implementation only a single one can be connected to XTension at a time.
  • XTension supports both receiving of wireless X10 (remotes and motion sensors only, this device does not receive security devices) and the transmitting of X10 wireless and ninja camera mount remote control.
  • CM19 support is built into XTension and does not require any additional plugins or licenses.
  • The picture to the right shows the CM19 as mounted in my data closet and altered by the replacement of the rat tail antenna with a coax connector. The device ships with a loose wire antenna that can be replaced with a coax connection very similarly to the MR26 with a coax connector for better range. Instructions can be found here on the site. for those who are more concerned with their reception than their warranty.
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