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 {{ :​supported_hardware:​cm15_altered.jpg|altered CM15 with added coax antenna connections }} {{ :​supported_hardware:​cm15_altered.jpg|altered CM15 with added coax antenna connections }}
-**NOTE: ​the CM15 is no longer made and will not be supported in future versions of XTension on Catalina ​or newer OS versions. CM15 support ​in XTension is officially deprecated.**+**NOTE: ​The CM15 plugin ​will not be rebuilt to support OSX Catalina ​and newer and will no longer be included in the distributionIf you are runnin Mojave or earlier and wish to continue to use the CM15 plugin please download the [[https://​​files/​xtension/​|Legacy Plugins file]] and use the “Install Plugin...” menu item from the Database menu to install it. This will install the plugin ​in your database and you can continue to use it as long as you do not update the OS past Mojave.**
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